Hear from real Ontarians who have suffered through our brutal and unfair system for car accident survivors.

Acquired Brain Injury Survivor Solutions (ABISS) is comprised of a group of people who have experienced the many challenges associated with surviving a brain injury as a result of a trauma.

Dave Gaylor

Dave Gaylor speaks out about drastic cuts to claimant benefits noting that coverage for the most seriously injured accident victims has been reduced by 50%.

Deanna Pelino

Deanna Pelino speaks out about inadequate rehab support and the uphill battle with her insurance company.

Jackie Cribb

Jackie Cribb speaks out about the combative auto insurance system in Ontario and that it needs to end.

Julie Wynen

Julie Wynen speaks out about the unfair use of insurer examinations and highlights the fact that 50% of all accident victim are denied treatment and forced to attend these examinations.

Jon Connolly

Jon Connolly tells his story about his battle for income replacements while owning a small business.

Ashley Tindall

Ashley Tindall her story about unjustified surveillance conducted by her insurance company and the invasion of her privacy.


Share your story, show your support, educate our government and spread the word!  Together we can change the system so it works for consumers and accident victims - not just for insurance companies.