Every year, insurance companies spend huge amounts to lobby politicians - many of our MPPs have never heard the other side of the story.

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"I'm writing to draw your attention to some important information about the auto insurance industry in Ontario.

Insurance companies are known for blaming the high premiums paid by Ontarians (which are some of the highest in the country) on, among other things, injury claims. These claims are made despite the fact that injury claims have been consistently going down while insurance company profits have consistently gone up.

I include below a report concerning the Ontario auto insurance industry by prominent business professor Dr. Fred Lazar at the York University Schulich School of Business. It has been recently updated (as of December 2019).

A key finding in the report is that drivers in Ontario have definitely paid too much for auto insurance. While reviewing the top-ten insurance companies in Ontario in particular, Dr. Lazar found that their profitability was higher than their Canada-wide operations for each of the last three years. This means that Ontario auto insurance premiums are helping to subsidize the rest of the insurance industry around the country. This is not fair to Ontario drivers!

Please read the full report.

In addition, when injured accident victims turn to the courts for assistance, they hit even more roadblocks. Insurance companies instruct their lawyers to file jury notices in almost all cases knowing that juries cannot be told by the judge that an insurance company is defending the at-fault driver or that there is a $40,000 secret deductible on an accident victim’s general damages. Jurors try to be fair to both sides while not realizing, therefore, that the defending party is actually an insurance company and that a significant part of their damage award to the insured plaintiff will be wiped out by a deductible.

Ontario's auto insurance companies are making record profits by gouging premium-payers, and leaving many injured individuals to languish without adequate assistance. We all need to speak out against the misleading information being fed to us by the insurance industry and its paid lobbyists.

We invite you to review further information about these and other important issues facing injury claimants on here.

I hope I can count on you to take up this important cause and help get justice for Ontario's drivers and victims of auto accidents."