A recent report reveals that Ontario auto insurance companies are earning record profits while Ontarians have overpaid $5.6 billion in premiums.

OTLA released an updated study by Schulich School of Business Professor Fred Lazar on auto insurance profits in Ontario. The report clearly shows the degree to which we are all paying too much and getting far too little for our premium dollar and, as we see in our practices, that victims are getting seriously shortchanged on the coverage they receive. Our excessive Ontario auto insurance premiums are being used to subsidize the insurance industry across the entire country.

Dr. Fred Lazar believes that insurance companies in Ontario have had a “free ride” over the last 25 years.

There is a crisis in Ontario with auto insurance. Here in Ontario, the last government cut auto insurance 17 times over 8 years, between 2010 and 2018. The government did this to reduce premiums for drivers across the province. But, premiums have not gone down, they have gone up! In fact, between 2017-2019, premiums increased on average by close 20%!

Will insurance companies lose money if more realistic assumptions are incorporated? No.


Will consumers of auto insurance in the province benefit? Absolutely, yes.



Share your story, show your support, educate our government and spread the word!  Together we can change the system so it works for consumers and accident victims - not just for insurance companies.